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  • Support Rampart Hockey!

    Support Rampart Hockey!

    Rampart Hockey is looking to raise money for the upcoming hockey season.  Help us raise the money and show your support by getting your very own Rampart Hockey shirt!  Great for players, parents and even fans!  GO RAMS!!

    Get your shirt here!

  • Thanks Seniors!!

    Thanks Seniors!!

    Rampart Hockey would like to thank the Seniors for all their years of hard work and sacrifice!

  • Rampart Hockey!

    Rampart Hockey!

    I promise never to be out hustled. I will play both ends of the ice. Fight for every loose puck, I will sacrifice my body for my team. I will always choose grit over flash, substance over style. I will work, and sweat, and suffer, so that-come game time- my team will shine. I am a RAMPART HOCKEY PLAYER!”

  • Rampart Hockey

    Welcome to the Home of the Rampart Rams!

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